Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2.05 // Louboutin & Lesage shoes

Just the title of this post alone makes me drool. You know it’s got to be good. Take a gander at these amazing works of Louboutin glory.


Photos via

So bright & primary!


Blue… love the colours on this one!


Such a gorgeous colour, reminiscent of all things ballet. (I so wouldn’t wear these to do any leaps!) These shoes are more like works of art than footwear… and at a cool $6,295, their price reflects that. But hey, if I had that much to spare, I would snap up a pink pair of these babies when they make their debut on February 23rd.

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2.04 // Designer: Matthew Williamson [Pre-Fall 2009]

Matthew Williamson’s Pre-Fall 2009 collection is glorious. Filled with just the right mix of saturated hues and toned-down neutrals, classic pieces and newer cuts, this line takes the cake. Yum, cake…

Already, with the first outfit you get a good feel for his work: refined, classic, but with modern accessories, cuts, and colours. Love this so much.

A seemingly seamless trench over a bright pop. Love!

Skinny pant with a fitted jacket over a yellow&orange watercolour top… *drool*. Someone please lend me lots of money!

Fun, floaty watercolour dress with a bejeweled collar. Mmm.

Bright orange trench = best statement piece ever.

Fur jacket + wide leg pants… aaagh. It pains me to see such beautiful pieces and for me probably never to set eye on even one in person…

Colours!!! I totally adore the pant colour.

Simple, bright dress and WOW! bootie!

Mmm, grey fur.

Slightly bohemian with a ruffle collar. Very Springish. Very chic.

Slightly metallic shift dress. I want this dress. (Please?) Ha ha, keep dreaming.

Black oversize bubble dress. Love.

OK, since I can’t possibly put all 62 images on here, here’s his Pre-Fall line on While you’re at it, check out some of his past collections too. They’re equally gorgeous!

A few past looks (as our look du jour):

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

He is officially on my list of favourite designers, hands down.

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2.04 // Trend: Capes

When you think of capes, you probably tend to think of witches, old people, or Victorian England.

Think again!

Capes are back, big time, and completely reinvented. They’re being used in totally new and innovative ways, as well as… well, capes. Black and grey seem to be the big colours, and the bigger and more drapey/sculptural they are, the better!

First let’s see the runway capes.

This Missoni // Pre-Fall 2009 cape has a nice neutral pattern on it.

Chanel // Pre-Fall 2009. Black with lots of gold ornateness going on…

Louis Vuitton // Pre-Fall 2009. Nice knitwear…

For guys too, at Hugo Hugo Bass // Fall 2009.

Valentino // Spring 2009.

Even if most of these capes are Pre-Fall, what’s to stop us fashionistas from breaking them out now?



More a coat, but love the huge sculpted hood…

via Altamira NYC

via Altamira

Stockholm, the city of my heart.

Somewhere in Europe. Love her hair, too…


In Toronto, OH, surprisingly. Not a big fan of those boots, but it’s Ohio in the winter, so it’s excusable. A bit.

OK. Now, I’m assuming you’ve become enthralled by this trend and are dying to purchase one, but lack the budget to spend several thousand dollars on a Givenchy or Chanel piece. Here are a few more realistic options (and don’t forget to check out your local thrift/vintage stores!)


b.chyll cape, $78

Urban Outfitters, $58


Macy’s, $45

Companion for your little black dress, $15. A demure grey caplet is great too.

style #209553700 black cotton modern cape, $103

And there you have it! Plus, they’re fairly simple to make (depending how much detail you put on/how you do the collar…) But yeah. Capes, come and get ‘em!

Look du jour:

Lanvin // Pre-Fall 2009. Sort of sheer grunge goth? Gorgeous.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2.03 // Trend: Shredded to bits

Feeling grungy? 80s? Rockerish? Or need something to do? Grab an old tee and shred it. Or, if you prefer, take the razor to an old pair of leggings. They make great accents, especially on black & white outfits… all over style sites.

Shreds on Chictopia:

Jacket thing

This shirt = 2 nights.


Chained and Ripped

And from elsewhere:


Rodarte // Fall 2008. Caroline on [For more on shredded knits, see Refinery29]

A Helsinkian’s take on Rodarte.

I’m pretty sure I want to be reborn there.

If you don’t know Camille of childhood flames, you should. Here’s her article on how to shred: here!

Look du jour deux:


Topshop // Spring 2009

More on TopShop in the next post…

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2.03 // Watercolour prints, Round Sunglasses, and Huge Rings

Yep, I’m here with a plethora of trends. Why? Because I’m home sick and don’t feel like doing homework. (I’d rather do this and play dress-up!)

First things first, a bright trend for spring: watercolour skirts and dresses and… well, whatever else you want, really. A fun way to add a little kick to any outfit.

Urban Outfitters, $58.

style #301808401 pear floral satin v-neck smocked babydoll blouse

BCBG Max Anria

express_watercolourdressExpress, $176

watercolordress1Bergdorf Goodman, $345

Forever21, $27.80

Moving right along to round sunglasses. Not necessarily oversized - leave that to Hollywood - these retro sunglasses are sweet. Sported on the runway and street, these are a must-have.

Ralph Lauren, $245
The Annie Glasses-Red
Nasty Gal Vintage, $40
Forever21, $5.80
And lastly: the perfect way to polish off an outfit - or add some punch, ha ha - is a fistful of funky rings. Go ahead, go overboard.
Francesca’s Collections, $18
Forever21, $4.80
Forever21, $6.80, $12
Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any street style pictures of a bunch of rings… which is silly, because I’ve seen hundreds by now. Whatever… I need another nap.
Sorry, this has turned out to be yet another fall-flat post (in my opinion, anyway…)
Look du jour:
Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
A Valentine’s-ish look from Alexandre Herchovitch // Spring 2009.
Oooh, a Valentine’s style post… mmm…
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