Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2.04 // Designer: Matthew Williamson [Pre-Fall 2009]

Matthew Williamson’s Pre-Fall 2009 collection is glorious. Filled with just the right mix of saturated hues and toned-down neutrals, classic pieces and newer cuts, this line takes the cake. Yum, cake…

Already, with the first outfit you get a good feel for his work: refined, classic, but with modern accessories, cuts, and colours. Love this so much.

A seemingly seamless trench over a bright pop. Love!

Skinny pant with a fitted jacket over a yellow&orange watercolour top… *drool*. Someone please lend me lots of money!

Fun, floaty watercolour dress with a bejeweled collar. Mmm.

Bright orange trench = best statement piece ever.

Fur jacket + wide leg pants… aaagh. It pains me to see such beautiful pieces and for me probably never to set eye on even one in person…

Colours!!! I totally adore the pant colour.

Simple, bright dress and WOW! bootie!

Mmm, grey fur.

Slightly bohemian with a ruffle collar. Very Springish. Very chic.

Slightly metallic shift dress. I want this dress. (Please?) Ha ha, keep dreaming.

Black oversize bubble dress. Love.

OK, since I can’t possibly put all 62 images on here, here’s his Pre-Fall line on While you’re at it, check out some of his past collections too. They’re equally gorgeous!

A few past looks (as our look du jour):

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

He is officially on my list of favourite designers, hands down.

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