Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2.04 // Trend: Capes

When you think of capes, you probably tend to think of witches, old people, or Victorian England.

Think again!

Capes are back, big time, and completely reinvented. They’re being used in totally new and innovative ways, as well as… well, capes. Black and grey seem to be the big colours, and the bigger and more drapey/sculptural they are, the better!

First let’s see the runway capes.

This Missoni // Pre-Fall 2009 cape has a nice neutral pattern on it.

Chanel // Pre-Fall 2009. Black with lots of gold ornateness going on…

Louis Vuitton // Pre-Fall 2009. Nice knitwear…

For guys too, at Hugo Hugo Bass // Fall 2009.

Valentino // Spring 2009.

Even if most of these capes are Pre-Fall, what’s to stop us fashionistas from breaking them out now?



More a coat, but love the huge sculpted hood…

via Altamira NYC

via Altamira

Stockholm, the city of my heart.

Somewhere in Europe. Love her hair, too…


In Toronto, OH, surprisingly. Not a big fan of those boots, but it’s Ohio in the winter, so it’s excusable. A bit.

OK. Now, I’m assuming you’ve become enthralled by this trend and are dying to purchase one, but lack the budget to spend several thousand dollars on a Givenchy or Chanel piece. Here are a few more realistic options (and don’t forget to check out your local thrift/vintage stores!)


b.chyll cape, $78

Urban Outfitters, $58


Macy’s, $45

Companion for your little black dress, $15. A demure grey caplet is great too.

style #209553700 black cotton modern cape, $103

And there you have it! Plus, they’re fairly simple to make (depending how much detail you put on/how you do the collar…) But yeah. Capes, come and get ‘em!

Look du jour:

Lanvin // Pre-Fall 2009. Sort of sheer grunge goth? Gorgeous.

~ r

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