Friday, January 2, 2009

1.02 // Carolina Herrera & Burberry Prorsum

An interesting coincidence: Burberry Prorsum and Carolina Herrera both sported peasantlike looks in their Fall 2008 RTW shows. About that time, the US was beginning to look really grim economy-wise; mutterings of “recession” and even “depression” could be heard (still are, actually. But that’s another day… don’t get me started.)

They both managed to make serf look chic. Herrera’s crowning (haha) piece were the fedoras adorned with yard-long pheasant feathers, giving the outfits an air of a Robin Hood-esque hunter out to shoot a deer with her bow.

[all] Carolina Herrera // Fall 2008

…and could this possibly be her inspiration? (Note the hat).

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Also note the use of tweeds, fur, and woodsy colours (brown, grey, greens) and how many of the fabrics aren’t super-shiny.

Burberry’s Fall ‘08 line had a much more rustic approach; the low, slouchy garden hats were just as worn and tattered-looking as many of the pieces in the line. (Disregard, of course, the multi-thousand-dollar jewels hanging off some of the models’ necks).

[all] Burberry Prorsum // Fall 2008

Both of these collections hail back to times past. Added, of course, are just the right twists to make it modern enough to wear in the streets - the huge necklaces Burberry added, or Herrera’s modernized materials and cuts for English hunting garb.

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