Thursday, January 8, 2009

1.08 // mod revival (again)

Mod - style from London in the 50’s and 60’s, US 60’s - was great while it lasted. Then we moved on, never looking back.

Or not.

In the late 70’s there was a “mod revival” : you saw people once again whizzing around on Vespas, their short hair not really blowing in the wind (though their fake eyelashes might be), their bright colours stopping traffic.

Let’s take a look at THEN, LATER THEN, and NOW, shall we?

THEN: 1950’s & 1960’s


Love this minidress - next time I’m thrifting, that’s one of my goals.

Streets like this in the 60’s - particularly the iconic Carnaby Street - were where the mod revolution truly began. Little boutiques with new designers popped up left and right, with nightclubs like The Scene, The Flamingo, and the Marquee squished between them. Amp was The Drug; however, it wasn’t made illegal in the UK until 1964. It was viewed as a positive stimulant rather than a dibilating drug like pot or heroin; young mods used it was a way to go clubbing all hours of the night. One newspaper reported “mobs of mods emerging from the club at 5 a.m. with dilated pupils.” Just to give you an idea of the lifestyle.

Celebrities and icons of the time, easy: Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, and (drumroll please!) Twiggy.

Edie, Warhol’s muse, became famous for her style as well as being incorporated into W’s work.

Love the leotard + pearl necklaces, add that to my “Looks to Try” list…

Twiggy: everybody’s favourite supermodel in the 60s. Make that the only supermodel in the 60s. But that doesn’t make her any less amazing. She is the one who singlehandedly brought about a new kind of model: lean, long, and lithe. And sticklike. And, of course, breathtakingly gorgeous.


Then, in 1979, it was back in full swing (ha ha… Swingin’ 60’s? Eh? Eh? *sigh*. Anyway…)

60’s od & punk rock bands were The Big Thing. There were tons of random little UK or UK-esque bands that would pop up, have their 15 minutes of fame, then sink back down into oblivion. Or, in the case of The Jam or Purple Heats (the code for amp, back in the day), they’d stick around for a while yet.

The Who’s Quadrophenia album-turned-film was very popular.

The Jam.

Standard mod punk-rock band of the 60s revival.

Smart suits, and in step.

MOD NOW: revival, version 2.0

On the runway:

Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Christian Dior, Chanel, McQueen.

Balenciaga, Chanel, Stella McCarteny. Eley Kishimoto.

Dior hat, Ana Sui Boot. Musn’t forget accessories!

Armand Basi // Fall 2008

Classic 60’s black&white. Trend Les Copains // Fall 2008

Christian Dior // Fall 2008

Emilio Pucci // Fall 2008

Another staple of the 60’s - the mod minidress. Aquascutum // Fall 2008.

Wow, this is a ridiculously long post. Hope you enjoyed it :)

Oh, our LDJ:

YSL // Spring 2006


~ r

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