Saturday, January 17, 2009

1.17 // Trend: Tigh-highs, Patterned Tights, & Garters

The reign of the thigh-highs is in full force, accompanied by floral lace tights. I love this trend *so* much (except for the fact that I’m a runner, and have runner legs, so thigh-highs don’t look quite so amazing on me as they do… you know, models.) But anyway. I like the thigh-highs layered, bright or neutral, and worn with cute skirts or dresses, or shorts; patterned tights (I’m beginning to hate brightly-coloured tights) with… well, anything you can wear tights with. Garters are a sexy addition to any outfit - even if no one but you knows you’re wearing them, trust me - its makes you feel insanely sexy.

All of these photos are from the lovely Chictopia - you should check it out! It’s a style-sharing site, geared more towards girls who love cardigans, tights, heels, blazers, and pouffy skirts. ( has more eclectic styles).

Frocks and Socks

rosary girl


summer is in the heart...

a little chuckle

beautifully depressed.

Picture15.png picture by stylebook18

Karla’s Closet


~ r

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