Sunday, January 11, 2009

1.11 // Mrrrow! Leopard print is back

When you think of leopard print, you probably think back to the 80’s - maybe a tube leopard-print dress with red heels and huge hair? A leopard-print, knee-high boot?

What you may not think of are tasteful (well, not in grandma’s way) leopard-print cardigans, tame (sort of) leopard trench coats, and leopard-print leggings (worn with black boots, of course).

While not shown on the runway much, leopard print is a huge movement among fashionistas everywhere. I personally have yet to invest in a leopard piece… but only because I haven’t gotten the chance to go down to Ann Arbor in ages. And A2 has all the shops. I’ve had my eye on:

All, Forever21.

Not worn all ot once, of course - just one leopard piece per outfit, I’d say - anything else might be overwhelmingly leopardy.

How it’s worn:

Sunday Is Church Day

Chictopia’s foreverstressed

Fast As Lightening

Chictopia’s TheStylishWanderer

Vtg 80s Leopard Print...

RARE Ladies oh so RETRO 80s Leopard Print Jumper Dress

if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it

Sorry that one’s tiny. Chictopia’s giabiatch

Of Best Friends and Buffets

Chictopia’s bianx


Animal prints

Personally, I’m glad leopard is back - as long as people know how to wear it right.

Zebra is good too.

Animal print has me thinking about the African/Tribal trend from fall… maybe I’ll do a post on that next. In the meantime, our look du jour:

Ossie Clark // Spring 2009

~ r

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  1. It is my wifes favorite thing to wear, she has like 20 leopard coats, pants, socks, etc.

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