Friday, January 2, 2009

1.02 // Galliano & 18th-century England

John Galliano’s Spring 2009 line showcased bright colours, bonnet-like hats, and wigs hailing back to the 19th and 20th centuries, accompanied by heavy blush and lipstick. He also included bright red militaristic tunics and matching hats a la Royal Guard of England.

Guard at Winsdor Castle

Opening look at John Galliano // Spring 2009

Obviously where he drew his inspiration from. His other looks - the more vibrant portion of the show - seemed to be based strongly off of Victorian England, with the wigs and hats. (The clothes themselves, not so much - more like a garden, or something).

Digressing, the next few photos show 18th-century portraits - look at the hair & makeup.,%20Anonimo,%20Oleo%20sobre%20tela,%2086%20X%2072%20cms,%20Siglo%20XVIII,%20Mexicano,.jpg

…and the collection:

All, Galliano // Spring 2009

He also threw a few Victorian-esque hats in there as well:

Galliano // Spring 2009

It wasn’t just at Galliano, though; other designers have showcased the ages of England and Britain past, this season and previously.

Gareth Pugh // Spring 2009 : Victorian collar

Puffy Victorian sleeves at Catherine Malandrino // Fall 2008

Sportmax // Fall 2008 [model: Karlie Kloss. more on her later]

Jenny Packham // Fall 2008

So as you can see, it’s a growing trend - not too noticible, I’ll admit, but it’s there. I’m just itching to make myself a Victorian collar…

Martin Margiela had that huge collar going, somewhat reminiscent of the V. collar:

Martin Margiela // Fall 2008

Eh, not so much. But still.

Ok, wrapping it up avec notre equipement du jour:

Giles Deacon // Spring 2009

Auf wiedersehen,

~ r

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